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It was 1982 when a group of friends, recently graduated from the Higher Institute of Physical Education, (what is now the Faculty of Motor Sciences) decided to set up a sports club to share their profession and the common passion for sport.

It's been 40 years and  many other sports science teachers, coaches, athletic trainers, sports psychologists have shared our path, sometimes for small stretches, but more often with stories that still consist today.


Many of us were engaged as teachers of Physical Education in schools and this largely characterized our activity: young people, children, teenagers and adolescents were our point of reference. In particular, since 1997 we have started a collaboration, which continues to this day, with AC Milan for the organization of soccer camps for boys and girls (on the MILAN JUNIOR CAMP page you will find ample space dedicated to this activity).


However, there has never been a lack of activities aimed at a more adult audience and also at the third and fourth age, activities that basically aim  to promote the idea that movement is important for one's physical and mental health.

In particular, in the part dedicated to Walkers, to walkers - on the TRAINING page - you can find interesting proposals for a sporting activity, fun and non-traumatic, which - adapting to the rhythms of individuals - favors the well-being of the person over performance.

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